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Fully automatic with hydraulic operation


Passenger Car Light Duty Vehicle

Fully automatic tyre changer with hydraulic operation

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Variable-speed automatic tyre changer
Ref. UTM.445PRO

Variable speed automatic tyre changer with a Leverless rod and a mounting / dismounting aid
Ref. UTM.445TPRO

Super-automatic tyre changer up to 28’’, with a Leverless system
Ref. UTM.710PRO

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Standard equipment

  • 2 bead pressing clamps
  • 1 inflation system
  • 1 tool protection kit
  • 1 core-puller
  • 1 plastic lever for removing the weights
  • 1 valve-puller
  • 1 ring for concave rims
  • 1 set of centring cones and locking handle

Optional equipment

  • 1 adapter for concave rims and rims with no central hole
  • 1 quick clamping handle
  • 1 quick inflation system
  • 1 pneumatic lift
  • 1 kit for UHP and Runflat wheels

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  • Super-automatic tyre changer with hydraulically motion of the work tools.
  • « REVOLVER » three-in-one tool : combines tools for all processes in a single device (patented).
  • Pneumatically operated articulated press-beads arm.
  • Laser beam for accurate positioning of the work tools.
  • Complete with wheel support plate featuring pneumatic rim clamping system with pressure multiplier (patented).
  • Wheel rotation by means of two-speed motor (motorinverter) with pedal control.
  • Leverless mounting/dismounting system.
  • Clamping with cones by means of pneumatic system with pressure multiplier (patented).
  • Hydraulically piloted demounting tool, assisted by the lower bead breaking dis, reduces stress on the tyre and simplifies work operations.
  • Quick, safe mounting system, even for Run-Flat tyres, assisted by the pneumatic lateral bead presser.
  • Bead pressingdevice to facilitate the operator’s work, especially for Runflat and « difficult » low-profile tyres.

Technical sheet

Data sheet

Rim diameter12" - 34"
Wheel width16,5" (420 mm) max.
Wheel diameter49" (1250 mm) max.
Height1900 mm
Width2180 mm
Depth1590 mm
Weight461 kg
Power supply230 V 1ph 50Hz
Vehicle typePassenger Car, Light Duty Vehicle
Operating pressure8-10 bars
Wheel locking typeLocking by chuck


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