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Swinging column, Leverless rod and 3rd hand


Passenger Car Light Duty Vehicle

Variable speed automatic tyre changer with a Leverless rod and a mounting / dismounting aid

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Super-automatic tyre changer up to 28’’, with a Leverless system
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Standard equipment

  • 1 mounting/dismounting aid (additonal arm with disk)
  • 1 inflation gun
  • 5 protections for standard tool-heads
  • 4 protections for jaws
  • 1 protection for the bead breaker
  • 1 rim edge protection

Optional equipment

  • 1 set of 4 adapters for 4’’ reduction
  • 1 set of 4 motorbike adapters
  • 1 quick-change device for tool-head
  • 1 tool-head for rims with convex spokes
  • 1 pneumatic lift
  • 1 kit for UHP and Runflat wheels

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  • Leverless mounting/dismounting system.
  • Bead pressingdevice to facilitate the operator’s work, especially for Runflat and « difficult » low-profile tyres.
  • Pneumatic swinging movement of the column and of the arm, allowing a significant reduction in space requirements.
  • Self-centring 4 jaws turntable with 2 clamping cylinders (dual-control flange) for perfect centring of the rim.
  • Two pneumatic clamping jacks.
  • Simultaneous pneumatic horizontal vertical arm locking
  • High-performance double effect stainless steel bead-breaker cylinder (31 kN).
  • Powerful bead breaker with articulated blade and enlarged wheel-support.
  • Adjustable bead-breaker blade angle.
  • Pneumatic safety valve in accordance with EC standards.
  • Pressure regulator with lubricator and water filter.
  • Plastic protection to prevent damage to aluminium rims.
  • Removable pedals unit.
  • Turntable can be rotated in 2 directions.
  • Electric inverter with acceleration ramp.

Technical sheet

Data sheet

Rim diameter12" - 24"
Rim width14" - 27"
Wheel width14" (350 mm) max.
Wheel diameter43" (350 mm) max.
Height2100 mm
Width2670 mm
Depth1900 mm
Weight380 kg
Power supply230V 1ph 50Hz
Vehicle typePassenger Car, Light Duty Vehicle
Operating pressure8-10 bars
Wheel locking typeLocking by jaw


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