HFO-1234YF refill station


Passenger Car Light Duty Vehicle Heavy Duty Vehicle

Super-automatic refill station for recovering, recycling and recharging refrigerant HFO-1234YF

R134A Stations

Semi-automatic refill station for recovering, recycling and recharging refrigerant R134A

Automatic refill station for recovering, recycling and recharging refrigerant R134A
Ref. AC.CUBE 1.0

Super-automatic refill station for recovering, recycling and recharging refrigerant R134A
Ref. AC.CUBE 2.0

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Standard equipment

  • 1 power cord
  • 1 x 2.5 m High Pressure hose
  • 1 x 2.5 m Low Pressure hose
  • 1 adapter for refilling the bottle
  • 1 x 24-column thermal printer


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  • Functions: recovering, recycling, emptying used oil, checking tightness, refrigerant charging, injecting new oil, tracer charging, discharging non-condensables, refilling internal cylinders.
  • Alphanumeric back-lit LCD display (16 characters on 4 lines).
  • Digital control panel with electronic management to control all the processes.
  • Operations automatically archived on SD card.
  • Built-in vehicle database on SD card.
  • Remote assistance via the Internet network.
  • Total counter for each cycle.
  • Class 1.0 HP and LP pressure gauges with identification of operating ranges.
  • Highly reliable LP and HP hoses, snap-fit coupler and manual opening for the HFO-1234YF.
  • Mechanical locking for the bottle.
  • Capacity of the HFO-1234YF bottle: 10 kg.
  • Recovery capacity of the tank: 400 gr/min.
  • Two-stage vacuum pump for better results.
  • 3 electronic scales (oil, tracer and gas: accuracy of +/- 1g).
  • Heated belt.
  • Filter/drier on the oil injection circuit to protect the oil from humidity in the injection tank.
  • Electronic management of the internal ventilation in compliance with safety standards for flammable fluids.
  • 2 “komo”-type integrated filters/driers, with simplified access.

Data sheet

Height1116 mm
Width530 mm
Depth600 mm
Weight68 kg
Power supply230 V / AC / 50 Hz
Vehicle typePassenger Car, Light Duty Vehicle, Heavy Duty Vehicle
Bottle capacity10 kg
Compressor12 cc
Vacuum pumpTwo-stage




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